Information on revenue-generating projects

In the exercise of the verification functions assigned to it as Intermediary of management authority, the overall direction of Coordination of competences with the Autonomous Communities and Local Entities, is obliged to ensure full implementation of the Rule 55 (CE) No 1083 / 2006 of the board of 11 July 2006, on revenue-generating projects.
In this sense, the decision of the commission of 20 March 2013, concerning the adoption of guidelines on the closure of the operational programmes adopted to receive assistance from the European Regional Development Fund, the European Social Fund and the Cohesion Fund (2007-2013), states that the management authority is obliged to calculate the contribution to which they are entitled such projects (paragraph. 3.7).
The main purpose of this space is put at the disposal of entities beneficiaries, a series of guidelines on this matter that, in its case, enables the management and delivery of information that may be required by the Intermediary.

Documentation required by the Intermediary

Download forms:

  • Model report I(for performance considered “no project revenue generator” for the purposes of Article 55 of RFC).
  • Report (II model(for performance considered “revenue-generating project, whose total amount does not exceed a million euros”).
  • Report (III model(for performance considered “revenue-generating project, whose income generated are equal or lower than their operating costs”).
  • Report (IV model(for performance considered “revenue-generating project”).


Practical assumptions calculation funding shortfall

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