The agreement of the council of ministers of 24 august 2021


Agreement of the regions of andalusia, Aragon, the canaries, Castilla-la Mancha, castile and León, catalonia, Valencia, Extremadura, Illes Balears, La Rioja, Madrid, Navarra and the principality of Asturias "area affected severely by an emergency" civil protection, as a result of fires and other phenomena in a different nature.

In order to alleviate the damage and damage produced, in accordance with article 24 of act no. 17/2015, of 9 july, the national Civil defence, the agreement determines the number of measures to be described, the following, relating to Local economic cooperation:

"Fourth. Damage to municipal infrastructure and road network" provincial

The projects implemented by Municipalities, Cabildos and Island Councils, provincial or autonomous communities uniprovinciales, counties and communities and towns and villages in dealing with the activities of reparation or restitution of infrastructure, equipment or installations and services of municipal ownership, including article 25.2 of law 7/85 of 2 april, regulatory Bases del régimen Local, and the road network in the county councils, of Cabildos and Island Councils or the autonomous communities uniprovinciales, be applied the processing of urgency and they may grant a subvention of up to 50 per cent of its cost, excluded from this assistance work carried out with their own local, whether materials, machinery or staff.


Resolution of 30 march 2002 by the secretariat of State land policy, which approves the convening of the subsidy to infrastructure damage in municipal and provincial road network and island level, under the agreement of the council of ministers of 24 august 2021, declaring several autonomous communities "area affected severely by an emergency Civil protection". Published inextract BOEday 02/04/2022.


Noteon the application procedure.


Practical information oncorporate imageto mention of the financing of works by the General state administration within the publicity and communication.


(BOE 16/08/2022) Resolution of 11 august 2002of the state secretariat of Territorial policy, which agreed to the allocation of subsidies for damage to municipal infrastructure and road network, provincial and island under the agreement of the council of ministers of 24 august 2021, declaring several autonomous communities' Zone seriously affected by an emergency 'Civil protection

Information of interest:

In accordance with article 12 of the order PAHS/196/2015, of 21 january, approving the regulatory basis of the subsidies, as well as in paragraph 8 of the resolution of convocation, within a maximum period of three months following submission of the resolution of allocation of grants in the official state gazette, entities beneficiaries (county councils or equivalent) should refer to the ministry of Territorial policy, through the computer application AURA, the certificate of awarding each project of the assigned them subsidy. This certificate will be issued in focus to the documents that have provided the executing agencies of the works (i.e., those who applied for the grant).

To that end, the county councils or equivalent, as beneficiaries, entities may be approved in the instructions which gives the timing and manner in which the executing agencies should forward the information they need to ensure the fulfilment of the obligations of the order PAHS/2015/196 of 21 january and of the resolution of solicitation.

The lack of reference of the award certificate within the deadline and in the manner established by the convening, on the right to grant allocated to the project concerned.

Code Name of indicator (measurement unit) Value
P01 Projects for which funding was requested (number) 109
P02 Effectively projects funded (number) 76
P03 Local entities benefited from subsidies (number) 43
P04 Beneficiaries for subsidies (inhabitants) 382.640
P05 The amount of subsidy granted (euros) 2.406.551,85 €

(P01) number of projects which were submitted to the procedure for the granting of subsidies.

(P02) number of projects have been allocated funding (wholly or partly).

(P03) Number of local bodies that possess one or more projects, funding has been provided.

(P04) population of the municipalities to projects funded. Data from the official population figures. If the Diputation or similar body outside promoter of a project, has been computed the provincial population (not including the one of the municipalities of that province to projects funded).

(P05) total amount of grants awarded by the ministry in the proceedings.